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Terms and Conditions

1. All information including text and picture to be provided by the client who should also be the copy right owner of the same. Digi Ads House shall not be liable for any claims/damages arising out of content posted on your catalog.

2. Work on services shall commence only after clearance of cheque / pay order.

3. All services are offered without any performance guarantee in terms of no. of enquiries, confirmed order etc.

4. If the client has provided all relevant details of the campaign as required for running the campaign and also paid the complete consideration or as called in by the company, and the company is not able to initiate the ad campaign within a period of 90 days.

In such an eventuality the client shall provide a 7 days clear written notice of its intent to cancel the contract and if the company still fails to perform its obligations then the contract shall be deemed cancelled and the company shall be liable to refund the consideration or advance money so received by the client. However, the company shall not be in any case be obliged to pay any amount of interest or other damages, penal or otherwise, on such refund.

5. Also the company shall be very much entitled to cancel the contract if the Client, upon an agreement with the company, fails to provide the requisite content, key words and other materials required for promotion within a reasonable time period subject to a maximum of 2 months once the same are called in by the company. In such an event the company shall give a 7 days clear notice to the Client stating its intent to cancel the contract and if the Client still does not respond or adhere to the requirement as called by the company then the Contract shall be deemed to be cancelled and the amount received shall be forfeited. Also the company shall have the right to recover the extra expenses incurred or services provided in doing any jobs as per the contract in its readiness over and above the advance amount.

6. The company, however, reserves its right to cancel the contract at any time by giving a 7 days clear notice of its intent to terminate the contract and the company in that case shall be obliged to refund the amount of consideration received by reducing the same in proportion to the work performed or the expenses incurred regarding the contract during the subsistence of the contract.

7. However the company shall neither be required to give any special reasons for such termination nor shall be required to pay any interest or damages, whether penal or otherwise.

8. That Notice so stated above shall be deemed to be served upon the Company if it is delivered at the Corporate office of the Company i.e. BLK-B PKT-C, 232C, SHALIMAR BAGH, DELHI, North East Delhi, Delhi 110088 India , or if the same is sent through email to - And notice shall be deemed to have been sent to the Client if the same is delivered to the address of the client as disclosed to the Company or is sent to the email id so disclosed to the Company.

9. Any disputes regarding the cancellation and refund of contracts shall be resolved as per the present policy and the company shall not be liable to refund the amounts received otherwise then in accordance of the present policy.

10. All Disputes subject to Delhi jurisdiction

11. That the present policy are a public document accessible to any person/entity dealing with the company as Client and therefore, every Client dealing with the Company shall be deemed to have known and understood the present Cancellation and Refund policy.

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