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Google Adwords PPC Management

Advertising your products or services on Google is the quickest way to get traffic to your website. The major advantage of using this platform is that you pay only when the advert is being clicked. Thus, not only this platform derives results faster but also saves your money. Experts at Digi Ads House are well equipped with the knowledge of handling this platform optimally so that the client gets the best results and a low cost. As an experienced Google Adwords Company in Delhi, we help you in making ads that get to reach out to the widest audience.

We Understand Your Needs

We believe that showing ads on Google is not always related to just getting the leads. Therefore, we make sure that we listen to our clients and their unique requirements. Based on that, we identify what kind of leads the client is expecting, from which location, and at what cost. Only then, we create Adwords account for our clients keeping in mind the results they want.

Top-Notch Keyword Research

Through our 12+ years of experience and working with several kinds of industry in the past, we are experts in doing keyword research for your business which not only gets maximum clicks but also lowers the cost of a click. For doing this, first, we analyze what the competition is doing right and what they are doing wrong. Then, we do thorough research on the keywords that are related to the industry as well as are in-demand. Using these keywords in the adverts that we make always give our client an edge over their competitors.

We Change with the Trends

We know that digital marketing is not a static industry. It constantly evolutes itself with every new update of Google. Thus, the team of Digi Ads House takes special steps in keeping up with the updates and trends. Not only this, like any other digital marketing company we simply don’t fit each brand in a standard box approach. We analyze and we change. This is the mantra that keeps us fresh and ongoing. We continuously measure the results of our steps and do the necessary changes. The need of every brand is different, therefore, we understand that the work we do for them has to be different.

We Give You Weekly and Monthly Reports

We don’t stop our work by just analyzing our work. We go beyond that and provide weekly and monthly reports to our clients in which they can easily understand the click-through rates, conversion cost, total conversions, and other aspects that give them a clear picture of our work. We always try to keep the client and us on the same page so that the work is always satisfactory for the client. We keep an honest and elaborate communication with the clients as we don’t see our work as a project basis, we aim to work for you in the long run.

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